Why did we create another DIY security cam app (viyo.io)?

Geoff Chan

Geoff Chan ·

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In February of 2019, I found myself looking for a solution to monitor my 1-year-old son. There were a lot of options, but I had some very specific criteria.

1) I didn’t want to buy and setup hardware

We had tried hardware solutions in the past and I didn’t want to buy another one. I really believed that there had to be a software solution out there.

2) I wanted to use one of my old devices as a monitor

We have a lot of old smart devices laying around (iPods, iPads, old phones), so I wanted to make use of them instead of buying yet another device and contributing to the growing e-waste problem.

3) I wanted to be able to view the camera through my browser

I am on my computer for at least 8 hours a day. I wanted to be able to quickly view my cameras through a browser so that I could keep an eye on my kids while working. This happens quite often when my wife needs to step out for an hour or so to run an errand or do groceries. The kids are usually fine in front of the TV, and they can always come and find me in case of emergencies. But I just want that assurance that they are okay.

4) I didn’t want to have video stored of my kids

This last point was the most important to me. The privacy and security of my family and especially my kids is of utmost importance to me. I was wary of many existing solutions because I knew that they recorded and stored video data. I understand why they do this. It makes sense, especially for home surveillance. But no companyno matter the size, is immune to data breaches.

We created Viyo for people that care about the security and privacy of their family and loved ones

So why did we create Viyo.io?

We created it for us, for people like us who want an easy-to-use solution with no app download and no hardware purchase. We created Viyo for people who care about the security and privacy of their family and loved ones. And ultimately, we created it because we care about giving people the choice to not have their video data stored.

Check out Viyo for free :) and feel free to drop me a line on Twitter if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback.

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